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These are unprecedented times, causing many of us to feel anxious or stressed. It is important to increase self-care and be kind to yourself and others. The resources here are offered to help with various aspects of life during COVID-19. Links to other websites are provided for information, and are not meant as an endorsement of the content of those sites. Please check back often, as this page will be updated frequently.


9 Tools if You are Feeling Anxious

  • Create a daily routine: Maintaining a daily routine creates a sense of order and predictability during these uncertain times when normal daily activities are often interrupted. Include regular meals, work schedules and enjoyable activities in your schedule and follow it.
  • Limit exposure to the news: It is important to keep up-to-date with current public health developments in your area, but excessive exposure to the news on TV, social media or other sources can be upsetting and increases anxiety. Limit watching or reading the news to a specific time each day and focus on news from your area.
  • Seek out information from reliable sources: Knowing the facts helps assess risk more objectively. Credible sources for up-to-date information include the COVID-19 websites of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. Your local or state public health agencies might also have useful, factual information.
  • Stay connected: In times of social distancing, it’s even more important to reach out to others. Set up a buddy system with a few friends or family members to check in with each other daily. You can make it a game to send each other funny videos, poems or inspirational quotes each day. Use social media to stay connected rather than read about the virus. If you are feeling anxious, worried or sad, discuss your feelings with a friend or family member. Seek out support groups online or on social media.
  • Stay active: Physical activities support your emotional health. Go for walks or bike rides. Even if you have to stay indoors, you can find ways to stay active. Follow yoga or work-out routines online or on video. Play with your kids or your pet. Garden in your backyard. Do sprint bursts in place or challenge yourself to increase the number of push-ups you do from day to day.
  • Focus on self-care: Engage in several enjoyable activities each day. Read an engaging novel, listen to music, watch funny TV shows, use coloring books, journal, take a warm bath, light candles, snuggle with a pet. Pause often and let yourself notice the present moment: the warmth of a cup of tea in your hands, the sunshine and freshness of the air, the sweet smell of a flower, the taste of a favorite dish. Use mindfulness and relaxation activities. Many apps are available with guided meditations, restorative yoga or bedtime stories.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Eat healthy meals regularly, stay physically active even when you need to stay inside, get enough sleep—you likely need more now than normally, get fresh air by going out in nature or open a window, try to avoid drugs or alcohol to cope with feeling anxious or stressed.
  • Stay positive: Remember that feelings will pass. Our minds tend to assume the worst. Examine worry thoughts, remind yourself of the facts and stay realistic in your assessment. Focus on what you can do—such as staying home, washing your hands, eating healthy—and accept what you can’t change. Find out who needs help in your communities and reach out to provide support. Go grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor or help someone remotely to home school their kids.
  • Seek additional help: If you feel increasing anxiety or sadness, or other prolonged reactions that feel overwhelming, reach out to a mental health professional for additional support. Many therapists are now providing remote video sessions and can support you even when you need to stay home.




If you are in an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Crisis Support

General Information on COVID-19

Mental Health and Self Help

Talking to Kids about COVID-19


Online Yoga, Qi Gong and Movement

  • Soul Tree Yoga: Local studio offering daily online classes
  • YoQi: Yoga and Qi Gong videos
  • Kaiut Yoga Boulder: Local studio offering daily online classes
  • Open Floor: daily online conscious movement classes with an array of wonderful teachers
  • Kirtan Leader Institute: free virtual kirtan events for global healing every other Saturday
  • Continuum: Online classes with Beth Riley at the Moving Well
  • Whole Yoga: Online yoga and Qi Gong classes
  • Shift Network: Somatic Movement Summit, free 5-day online summit featuring many well known teachers and different somatic modalities to increase resilience and a sense of well being

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